Todd Duncan Provides The Best In Vancouver Photography!

Founded by Todd Duncan in 1996, Todd Duncan Studios is among the finest Vancouver photography studios. Todd’s many years of experience and sharp eye for beauty is evident in every frame. From professional commercial headshots to appealing fashion photographs, Todd specializes in all types of professional photography. 

Todd believes that being creative is not just about camera and pixels, it what you do with pixels that counts. He captures all the great memories of his clients by creating timeless portraits. From the innocence of a child to the professionalism of corporate clients, and from the richness of uncountable colors to the mystery of black and white clicks; Todd elevates every project he undertakes, which makes him one of the finest Vancouver photographers.


  • Fashion Photography  
  • Event and convention photography  
  • Annual report photography  
  • Lifestyle and editorial photography  
  • Catalog & product photography  
  • Corporate photography  
  • Architectural photography  


Whatever the occasion may be, an image can make it memorable. Contact Todd Duncan today!  Call on 1604 551 9413 (Vancouver) or send an email to