Use Todd Duncan Studios for your next commercial or corporate campaign!

Todd Duncan Studios is one of the leading commercial photographers in Canada dedicated to providing businesses with dynamic images for your creative campaigns. Operated by Todd Duncan since 1996, our number one goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere for clients while infront of his lens.

Whatever your business may be, image is everything. Whether you want to increase your sales or broaden your exposure, a professional photo shoot will create an enduring visual identity with the power to elicit emotion and perceptions, and to develop brand awareness. It is a long-term investment in your business. Todd Duncan’s high success rate is due to his unique ability to take his clients’ vision to a whole new level.
Years of lighting experience, has provided Todd with a leading edge when covering assignments. Whether it be a fashion designer, pro athlete, comedian, or politician, Todd genuinely listens and cares to each customer’s individual needs. Translating each person’s vision to a final print is what makes Todd a well-sought after commercial photographer in an extremely competitive industry. 

    We specialize in:

  •     Corporate studio headshots
  •     Executive portraiture
  •     Commercial advertising campaigns
  •     Creative fashion images
  •     Event and convention photography
  •     Annual report photography
  •     Lifestyle and editorial photography
  •     Catalog & product photography
  •     Architectural photography     


Contact Todd Duncan to create a collection of exciting and vibrant images that will translate into sales. Call on 1604 551 9413 (Vancouver), 1416 479 0593 (Toronto) or via