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Talent agents have told me that I'm a "character" headshot photographer. While I have past experience shooting for modeling agencies, I tend to gravitiate towards character actors who need to showcase a broad range of 'hits' for their publicity. I can absolutely nail a commercial  'Ken/Barbie' look, although it's the more eccentric and provocative qualities that I really love to extract from a person's face. 


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Crucial to achieving this is having access to more than one environment within the confines of my East Vancouver studio. I have a 3000-square-foot industrial loading bay and gritty alleyway adjacent to my studio where I am able to develop your character. Relying on a commercial studio alone, will not result in such authentic character range. I need to place you in a realistic environment. The rest is up to you! 


I also pay special attention to styling and lighting details, by taking extra effort in order to achieve a genuine representation of your character.


Therefore, whether you are being cast as a love interest or a drug lord, my crafted lighting and eye for locations will result in a perfect headshot for you.