I didn't get into the photography business 20 years ago to take pictures. I wanted to originally tell stories.

Creating the perfect photograph involves so much more than pointing a camera and clicking. I scout locations, direct the talent, set the mood, light the moment. Only when everything is meticulously planned can spontaneity flourish, capturing that definitive moment. A photo like that can sell hopes and fantasies. A photo like that can sell anything.

It's my job and passion to create your visual identity with the power to elicit feelings and perceptions, ultimately developing your brand through the image creation.

Photography has taken me from the glitz and glamour of New York's high fashion scene to the grim shadowed streets of Bogota; from frothy beer campaigns with Olympic champions to the punk princes of Cuba's next revolution. From Cirque de Soleil to NHL games. From rappers to poker masters. From tennis prodigies to dolls coming to life.

They all had stories to tell. What will your story be?  TD


Todd is a professional photographer specializing in Commercial Photography, Advertisement Photography, Fashion and Corporate Photography in Vancouver and Toronto.